Guideposts Magazine Large Print

Guideposts Magazine Large Print
Guideposts Large Print is a magazine that is funded by a faith-based non-profit organization of the same name. The magazine welcomes writers who are Protestant. Catholic. and Jewish to write about moments when they have benefited from a faith in God in order to overcome personal challenges. Guideposts Large Print also offers resources that help readers to grow closer to God and their faiths.With each issue Guideposts Large Print publishes inspirational fiction and true stories about personal struggle. The magazine contains quotes and literature that inspire hope and a positive. peaceful way of looking at events. Featured are writers who are famous as well as writers who are not well known and choose to submit their stories.Guideposts Large Print is also known for providing resources that help the average reader grow closer to God and his or her beliefs. The magazine’s writers offer tools that can be used to access different pieces of religious literature. as well as interpretations and

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