Gun Tests

Gun Tests
First publication that makes real evaluations of handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, scopes, gear, and equipment.
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  • Gun Tests

    Gun Tests is a magazine that is devoted to serious reviews of guns of all types. Gun Tests accepts no commercial advertising so their writers are free to tell the truth. The magazine mainly publishes reviews of new firearms and comparisons between similar models.Gun Tests is known well for publishing reviews of new firearms. The magazine’s writers publish dozens of detailed reviews of new handguns. rifles. shotguns. and more each month. Gun manufacturers are coming out with so many new products that it would be impossible to sift through them all without help from experts like those at Gun Tests.Each issue of Gun Tests contains comparisons between similar models and similar types of firearms. One recent issue compares the K-VAR VEPR. imported by Arsenal of Las Vegas. to the Century International Arms N-PAP M70. two “low-capacity” AK-47s that are in high demand. Comparisons such as this one are very extensive and focus on accuracy. reliability. and durability. The experts at Gun Tests w

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