Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest
Reader’s Digest is the magazine that has been at the heart of American culture since 1922. It offers everything from travel and vacation information to articles about healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For more serious readers. Reader’s Digest provides insightful articles on the news and politics of the day.Reader’s Digest is one of the few publications that truly offers something for every member of the family. Health. for instance. is a topic that is written about often in the magazine. Recent articles explore healthy eating. explaining the advantages of eating organic foods. Other articles in the magazine’s health section are dedicated to doctors and determining if your health care provider is kept up to date with modern practices.Cooking and Advice are two more major sections of Reader’s Digest. In the cooking section readers can find information meant for anyone from the expert chef to the beginner. The advice columns are written in response to questions posed by

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